Dedicated Web Hosting: Summary

Dedicated Web Hosting: Summary

What is dedicated web hosting?

Dedicated hosting companies can alleviate the need to share hardware or software with other websites or web pages. Webmasters get autonomy to decide on programs installed on the server to create specific configurations for their web needs and have the opportunity to provide a secure environment for their website. In comparison with a sharedserver environment, dedicated web hosting providers provide a confidence that a website will be delivered reliably and securely.

There are great benefits of dedicated web hosting, as discussed below. However, the big disadvantage, the cost, is quickly overcome. Due to constant growth in the dedicated web hosting industry, prices for dedicated server plans are rapidly decreasing. A competitive environment drives up the service level and reduces costs. This decrease is driven by an increase of SMEs that get an online presence and the rapid spread of web hosting.

Benefits of dedicated web hosting

Dedicated server hosting is beneficial because of 2 major assets: control and reliability.

Because a dedicated web administrator has more control over a dedicated server, it tends to be more secure than a shared web server. By knowing exactly what is installed on a dedicated server through full root access, a system administrator can obviously make decisions about the software and software updates that are necessary to maintain the dedicated web server and keep it running in its most optimal configuration.

Increased reliability is another important asset to dedicated server web hosting because a server administrator has selfservice to optimize page uploads by customizing variables such as page load speed and overall server resource allocation. This servers reliability goes to customer satisfaction and an increase in the bottom goals for a sites presence.

DisAdvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

While the benefits of dedicated web server management are evident, the overall consideration, especially for business purposes, is the cost. Dedicated web hosting is significantly more expensive than shared or virtual web hosting, and until recently they could most often be quoted to several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a month. Although the cost may still be unreasonable, most companies can motivate the use of dedicated servers through a true web analytics to weigh the resources required to run applications and code.

Another drawback is the need to be able to monitor, install, upgrade and configure programs, add sites, manage potential hackers and troubleshooter systems. Therefore, the necessary system management capabilities, unless you own them, can simply inhibit the successful deployment of a website hosting a dedicated web server.


The direct benefits of a dedicated hosting company plan on the ability to completely manage a web server. The advantage of being able to effectively maintain a dedicated server lies in ones ability to control the variables associated with reliability and stability. In a dedicated environment, server overload, malicious scripts from other users and too many installed applications are variables that can be controlled, compared to this loss of management in shared server hosting.

Additionally, a dedicated server allows you to install only software or software that applies to the large host target. Conversely, shared web hosting has installed software that may not be related to web hosting goals.

Trust in web hosting services and time delays of platform repairs can be minimized, as you can intervene and provide solutions to existing issues with dedicated web hosting. If you are able to add fixes, upgrades, or tweak performance, it is invaluable and allows the dedicated server administrator to work with 24hour access to perform adjustments, fixes, or updates.

Finally, the speed of downloads can be determined by the amount of bandwidth dedicated to just your site. Statistically, visitors will quickly leave a site if the last time was long. Dedicated servers enable fast delivery of web pages, increasing the likelihood of keeping visitors on a website that can convert them to paying customers. In addition, fastpaced pages improve the companys image and can encourage existing customers to refer your webbased services to others.

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